Doggy Daycare Rates

For our loyal regular clients of 3 years or more, we now offer a 15% Discount

Note: All passes expire one year from issue date.


Large Dog
(25 lbs & over)

Small Dog
(under 25 lbs)

Full Day (6:30am - 7:30pm)Mon.- Fri.

Full Day (6:30am - 6:30pm)Sat. - Sun.**

Our Quite time:

Noon to 1pm and 2pm to 3pm (No drop offs or pick ups between these times)

2 Dog + Daycare Special per Day $45.00 - 2 dogs any size, 3rd dog + $22.50ea. any size
Half Day (4hrs) -unless on a pass(5hrs)
Hourly Rate

2 Dog Daycare Special 15 Day Pass;

Note: If cancelled prior to 7 days for any reason $100.00 fee will apply

  $600.00 (avg. $20.00/day ea.) for Large or Small Dogs
10 Day Pass - any 10 days
$250.00 (avg. $25.00/day)
$200.00 (avg. $20.00/day)
20 Day Pass - any 20 days
$460.00 (avg. $23.00/day)
$360.00 (avg. $18.00/day)

30 Day Pass - any 30 days;

Note: If cancelled prior to 15 days for any reason $150.00 fee will apply

$630.00 (avg. $21.00/day)
$480.00 (avg. $16.00/day)

"PPI New Plat Packs"

     PPI Platinum Packages Include:

You are able to freeze the Plat Packs once during the 10 or 5 week term

In case of cancellation 20% is


 Pkg # 1- Unlimited Daycare

for 10 weeks* plus:

  - 7 nights Sleepover

  - 1 Nail Trim

Pkg # 2 - Unlimited Daycare

for 5 weeks*  plus:

   - 3 nights Sleepover

*Subject to availability



$27.50 each additional night for sleepovers



$27.50 each additional night for sleepovers



$22.50 each additional night for sleepovers



$22.50 each additional night for sleepovers

**Special pick up/drop off times can be pre-arranged otherwise a $10.00/hour late pick up fee will apply

Sleepover Rates: *Price reduction effective Nov. 11 2017

Large Dog
(25 lbs & over)

Small Dog
(under 25 lbs)

Nightly Rate
$40*- $45.00
$30*- $35.00
More than 1 dog**
$30*- $37.50ea
$25*- $27.50ea
Weekly Rate***
$275*- $295.00
$200*- $221.50
* Some conditions apply for reduced rates
**Discount applies to 2 or more dogs from the same household
*** 10% Discount applies for stays longer than 1 week
Loyalty Discount of 15% is offered to all Regular of 3ys or more
Sleepover rates include daycare activities & are for 24hours after that daycare rates may apply
(We have a restriction on the number of dogs
Please call ASAP to reserve your sleepover.)


    Pools, toys, tunnels = FUN



       Large indoor play area

Spa Treatments and other Services

All Dog Sizes
Walk (20 min)
Matt Removal prices vary
Nail Clipping
Ear Cleaning
prices vary
Brush/Bath* (Small dog)
  (Large dog)* $70.00
Teeth Brushing
You keep the brush!

Pick up /Drop off service

prices vary
*Some conditions may apply

  Pls print both these forms for our files:
  Pampered Paws Inn Terms and Conditions
  Pampered Paws Inn Info Sheet
  •   Flexible drop off / pick up times by arrangement only
  •   Rates are in Canadian Dollars and subject to applicable taxes
  •   Sleepover Rates are set for a 24 hour period however, there may be a half day or full
                 daycare after 4hrs of drop off /pick up for sleepovers
  •   5 Webcams plus our NEW pupy cam are available at all times
  •  Open 7 days per week including all Holidays
  •  New separate indoor/outdoor Puppy/Small dog area based on size and energy level