Seating on the Porch
Summer flowers

Walk way by Sun Room

Welcome to the Office

Our Howl-a-Day Inn Dog House
Large Deck

Rockers on the Porche
Large indoor play room

Flowers on the deck

The Sun Room
Inside the Sun room

Some of the gang
A busy summer day in daycare

Boogie loves the hose

Our new indoor space added with webcam

They love their new Double Decker

"Howl-a-Day" Inn Dog House!

Everyone stays cool in the kiddy pools

Hamish & Cooper Cuddle
The Weenies!!!  Duffy, Scarlett & Peter

Piper is cute in her sunglasses
Teeka and Teddy; action shot

   Georgia and Winnie love the tunnel                        Pool time, toy time

Rocco take a rest in the Tunnel

Seagle the Beagle rests his rope toy
while he takes time out for a cool drink.

Riley and Gallagher
Ali and Clancy


"Maggie cools off in the pool on a hot day!"
Little Stu is one of our smallest guests
and a charmer in his hoody!

Cooper and Basha Ball time
Teeka and Indie and Boogie


Riley shows the other dogs the ropes
Dolce plays catch

Oscar and Ebon make friends