What to expect:
The morning is devoted to play, often including a dip in the splash pool. At noon, everyone takes a nap. Some dogs nap inside the main play space, while older dogs and those with special needs rest on comfortable beds in our special places.

The noon rest period is also when dogs receive Spa Services such as massages, nail trims, ear cleaning, combing or tooth brushing. After noon rest, it’s back to a full afternoon of indoor-outdoor play.


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Some dogs are active all day, while others prefer to relax and lie in the sun during the afternoon. Shade is also provided for those hot days. Our large indoor-outdoor daycare space offers many options and humidity and temperature control provides year round comfort and a cool enviornment for those extra hot days.

Safety First: Your dog’s safety is our primary concern. All of the adult dogs enjoy a fun day, under the constant supervision of our staff. Our play area is securely contained on all sides and staff enter and exit with dogs through a double set of doors, which prevents escape artists from trying to sneak through.

Everyone enjoys the large, indoor-outdoor play space that provides plenty of room to exercise, socialize or just lie around and relax. Also enjoy playing in the doggy tunnel, and a splash in the kiddy pools.

We also offer a safe place for very young puppies to receive care and socialize with other puppies during those early, important weeks of development. Puppies eight weeks of age and older (as long as they are old enough for the bordetella shot) attend day care. Part of puppy day care also includes som lap time, and of course unlimited love, praise and affection .

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