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Lead Dog Handler/Manager

Denine joined our team October 2010 Because of her enjoyment in caring and loving of dogs Denine decided to go to college and achieve her Veterinary assistant diploma. In her spare time she loves to spend time with her daughter, family and her little furry friend "Mickey" the shih tzu. Through the years after college she has gained alot of experience working for a veterinary hospital and now Pampered Paws Inn and hopes to keep gaining experience. Denine also has completed Dog Handler training with Sylvia Jay and is certified in Pet First Aid. In June 2018 Denine completed the Dog Handler training program offered by Bev Bells of ABC Dog Training.

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself"


Dog Handler

Hello there! My name is Alex, and I have the pleasure of joining the amazing team at Pampered Paws Inn Feb 2019. I am orignally from Leicestershire England where I pursued an education in Music & Theory. Eight years later I'm currently living in Halifax with my NS Ducktoller and two Black Labs "Billy Bones the Pirate" - Bones for short, and Lucy and Lola. Ever since I can remember I've always had a canine in our family. I couldn't imagine life without them!


My love for dogs over the years has let me to alot of volunteer work. My most recent work experience was doing Grooming and care-taking as Daycare attendant in NS. I have been very fortunate to have been taught an abundance of skills under professionals for the care of animals. I am very passionate an very serious about the willbeing of animals and you can be sure, if I'm not playing the guitar, I'm definaitely spending my time with the pups!


My goals for the furture are always to be surrounded by as many dogs as possible, whilst pursing musical endeavours..


Alex is a great addition, with his calm demeanour, the dogs LOVE him!


Welcome to the Team Alex!


Dog Handler

Alyssa joined Pampered Paws dog handler team June 2018. She currently attends Sir John A Macdonald High School and

has had a love for dogs since a very young age, starting with her very first dog when she was just 2 1/2 yrs old.


Over the years Alyssa has had many dogs, ranging from Greyhounds to Jack Russells to English bulldogs.


She loves spending time with her two dogs Eddie (Jack Russell) and JInger (retired racing Greyhound) and playing baseball.


Alyssa plans to pursue a career working with animals.

Welcome Alyssa!


Dog Handler


Hello, I'm Jasmine

I joined the Pampered Paws team in April 2017 and continue to utilize every chance to interact with pets and clients. I've always had a passion for animals, it has led me to pursue a personal goal within myself to give the best experience for your pup at Pampered Paws Inn.
 My experiences over the years has led me to working as a Veterinary Assistant in a hospital/clinic atmosphere, and also enjoying my time outdoors. My duties are to provide the utmost care for you and your fur babies at Pampered Paws Inn.


Animal First Aid 2018
Animal Nutrition Fundamentals


Welcome Jasmine!


Dog Handler


Hi, I’m Maggie and I joined the Pampered Paws crew in February 2019. I grew up in a small town in Nova Scotia and have been obsessed with animals since I was born. Our family had rabbits, chickens, hamsters, cats, and dogs, most of which I specifically asked for and took care of! I spent time working at a vet clinic and animal shelter in Alberta before moving back to Nova Scotia, where I finally adopted a dog all my own, Zeppelin, a beautiful, loving husky. I am currently studying canine massage, and he loves when I practice on him!
Working with dogs makes me feel wonderful every day, I love to make sure they’re happy and content with us.

Welcome Maggie!



Dog Handler



Hi everyone!
My name’s Morgan and I joined the Pampered Paws team in January 2019. I grew up on a dairy farm in pei and have been around all kinds of animals such as horses, cows and dogs since I was little. I graduated from Saint Mary’s University in May 2018 with an honours degree in biology and with this plan to pursue a career working with animals. I’m so excited to have joined this enthusiastic team and to have this amazing opportunity to be surrounded by all your wonderful dogs!

Welcome Morgan!


Amanda (Photo and Bio to come)

Dog Handler


Dog Daycare Area
New Indoor Play area 2013