Welcome to Pampered Paws Inn

My name is Wendy and I have been the owner of Pampered Paws Inn since

May 2004 - We are a

Doggy Daycare facility and also have "kennel free" Doggy Sleepovers

If you are going on a trip you can leave your dog(s) and watch them on our

5 Live Webcams

You can see the "Live" Webcams on any computer or laptop with Java

and now on Iphones or Ipads with a

5 second delay

We are also a Bed and Breakfast for

 "People & Their Pets"

We have three separate theme bedrooms available for people and their pets, The Pampered Pooch, The Blue Dog house and The Red Rover.

In addition, we also offer Sleepovers (our Kennel free service) for your dog in comfortable pet-friendly surroundings while you are away. We have spots available in our temperature controlled Dog area where they sleep on big pillows & blankets and watch TV, just like home away from home.The Day Care is also included in the Sleepover rate. (For rates see "About us" then "Rates") The dogs are not kept in a separate building, there is always someone on site 24/7 to care for them.

We also have Doggie Day Care Facilities for dogs to play during the day and the dogs are under constant supervision by our experienced Dog Handlers who have received training from a certified dog trainer also have their Pet First Aid and Emergency First Aid CPR Level A. Pets will mingle with others for socialization and also be exercised during the day.

For our Rates, Information/Terms and Condition sheets click HERE

Gift Certificates available ... for the dog who has everything..

Puppies are welcome as well and for those professionals too busy to house train, you can leave them with us during the day, and we will assist you in house training them.

5 Web Cams are now set up so you can check in on your pet online from anywhere, anytime.

Spa Services are also available: brushing, walking, bathing, nail clipping, TLC and lots of outdoor activity in the fenced play area.

Pick up and Delivery service is available: prices vary. We will also go to the airport to pick up  check in or drop off your dog if required.

We look forward to meeting you and hope you enjoy your stay, and don't forget to tell your friends.

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We will be coming out with a

Pampered Paws Inn

2017 Calendar

We have so many great pics to share and will try to make sure everyone is included in the Calendar.

Part of the proceeds from the sale of these Calendars will go to the S.P.C.A. with the balance going back into Pampered Paws to purchase more dog toys & bone treats for all our furry friends!

Stay tuned!

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Special note: Pampered Paws Inn is currently looking into Artificial Dog Friendly Tuff for the yards, stay tuned!!

About Pea Stone:

Pampered Paws Inn Doggy Daycare uses pea stone in its outdoor play areas. Pea stones are small, round stones without sharp or rough edges. Pea stone is an excellent surface for dog play areas because it is a forgiving surface that is easier on dog’s joints than concrete. Pea stone also allows urine to sink through to the ground below while fecal matter sits on top of it, where it is easily seen and promptly picked up. This allows us to keep the outdoor areas free of waste so dogs are not running and stepping in it while playing.  Pea stones are also used in children’s play areas.

The majority of dogs have no issues running and playing on pea gravel. Some dogs (especially dogs who have not built up tough paw pads due to their youth or lack of exposure to surfaces other than those in their homes and grass outdoors) may experience irritation. While walking and running, pea gravel can rub in between paw pads, causing redness and irritation. Some dogs may lick their paws to relieve the irritation or may favor an exceptionally sore paw by limping.

What should you do if your dog gets sore paws from the pea stone?

The best thing to do is to clean their paws between the pads with a wet cloth, and apply a triple antibiotic ointment with pain relief (such as Polysporin).  You can also soak their paws in Epsom salts and dry completely. This will help to relieve the pain as well as speed the healing. Discourage your dog from licking as this will exacerbate the soreness.

How can irritation be prevented in the future?

To prevent or reduce future irritation from the pea stone, a paw wax or balm can be used. Paw wax is a substance that is applied to the paw pads and in between the paw pads. It provides a protective barrier which reduces irritation cause by rough surfaces such as pea stone. The paw wax often times contains healing properties as well. Pampered Paws Inn Doggy Daycare recommends a paw wax used for dogs whose feet are exposed to snow and ice or rough ground.

Please let us know when you drop your dog off if you think you dog may have tender paws. 


As a "Cage Free" Doggy Daycare/Sleepover facility we would like to let you know about some things your dog may go home with and some solutions we have found work well:

1. Sore paws from the pea gravel (usually if they have tender tootsies)

Try: Soaking their paws in Epsom Salts

2. May have eye discharge

Try: Polysporin "Pink Eye" drops

3. Diarrhea

Try: White Rice and Boiled Chicken

4. Vomiting/going off food/Lethargic

Try: Feeding them small portions of White Rice and Boiled Chicken or Hamburger, wait an hour if they keep that down then try some more until they are feeling better

5. Dog Bites

Try: Treating with saline solution

If they worsen or you are in doubt,

take your dog to your Vet

We do everything in our power to avoid any of these things from happening, as in a child's daycare, however there may be things beyond our control. We love your babies just like they were our own and take excellent care.


Pampered Paws Inn


Nap Time


Check out our new Ball Room!


Notice to our Clients:

Our Winter hours are as follows:

Monday - Sunday

6:30am to 6:30pm

Quiet times:

Noon to 1pm

2pm to 3pm

We ask you not to drop off or pick up during those times

Thank you


"The Loft"

New Small Dog Sleepover Area

Indoor Play Area

Outside Yards

Check out the new deck

Thanks to everyone for your support at our

2nd Annual 2009 (see below)

"Yappy Hour"

Fundraiser for S.P.C.A.

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Enjoy our pictures:


Past Brunches:

Our June 2006 Brunch for the Animal Rescue Coalition.
View photos

Our March 2006 Brunch
Bide Awhile Animal Shelter View photos

Our November 2005 Brunch for the S.P.C.A.

View photos

The Children's Wish Foundation Thanks for your support

View photos


We had our First....Doggy Social Fundraiser in support of  

'Litters n Critters Animal Rescue"

April 26, 2009

Thank you all for your support,

what a great turn out! 

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Special rates for two or more dogs from the same household. See rates for more info.

Click here to view ALL our Doggie Birthday Parties!

Here are some of our Recent Parties:


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Pics of Rileys's 7th Birthday Party

March 2, 2011


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Pics of Waiko's 2nd Birthday Party January 7, 2010